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Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Mongolia Luxury Travel

Travel in the footsteps of the nomads when you journey to Mongolia with Cox & Kings. Enjoy insider experiences, extraordinary natural landscapes, unique cultural interactions and a host of unforgettable moments on one of our Mongolia luxury tours.

Wild Mongolia remains one of the last frontiers of Asia. Head off the beaten path to explore the rich history of the Mongolian people and immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty. Trace the history of Mongolia’s dinosaurs in the museums in the museums of Ulaanbaatar and the Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi.

Ride a camel through the sun-scorched Gobi Desert as you experience a simpler culture where hospitality to strangers is still a way of life. Explore the wide-open expanses of the grassy steppes—home to wild horses and endless vistas—and visit with a local nomadic family. Alternatively, make your way through Mongolia via the Trans-Siberian Railroad on an epic journey from Beijing to Moscow.

However you travel through the enchanting landscapes of Mongolia, we’ll be right there with you, making sure your journey is authentic, innovative and utterly unforgettable.